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Battery core purchasing guide

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To successfully build battery packs, EVc users must choose quality cores for module reconditioning. The video and process below will help you examine cores from a supplier/source.

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  1. Visually inspect the outer enclosure
  2. REJECT any cores that have:
    1. Painting on part or entire enclosure
    2. Third-party reconditioner/rebuild labels or logos
    3. Damage/markings
  3. Remove outer enclosure and inspect modules
  4. REJECT any cores that have:
    1. Leaking modules (white powder at terminals, or stains on bottom plate) – Phenolphthalein solution can also be used to detect leaks
    2. Modules with visible markings (for example, numbers, marker pens, tape, stickers)
    3. Modules with voltages below 6 V
    4. Non-sequential modules (QR codes should read in a sequential fashion)

Tools needed:

  • Socket wrenches (to remove enclosure)
  • HV plug (product description available here),
  • Voltmeter (to read module voltages)
  • QR code scanner (to read/store QR codes)
Shown: Toyota Prius core (outer enclosure removed)

Other helpful videos:

How to disassemble a Prius battery pack:

Comprehensive Prius battery pack analysis:

How to disassemble a Camry battery pack:

QR code example (from a Toyota Camry core with 34 modules):

Sequential* (Good) Non-sequential (Bad)
058R9M00450Q 039R6N14908Q
058R9M00449Q 013LKP07348N
058R9M00448Q 039R6N14900Q
058R9M00447Q 013LLT08124N
058R9M00446Q 013LLT08123N
058R9M00445Q 023O5P13327X
058R9M00444Q 023O5P13326X
058R9M00443Q 29XQ3G03435H
058R9M00442Q 082O4N07177Y
058R9N00160Q 282RMN09542Q
058R9N00159Q 013LKP07354N
058R9N00158Q 013LKP07347N
058R9N00157Q 23XRJM07128Q
058R9N00156Q 23XRJM07170Q
058R9N00155Q 09XRON09458Q
058R9N00154Q 039R6N14841Q
058R9N00153Q 19ZQ3M12581Q
058R9N00152Q 23XRJM07173Q
058R9N00151Q 12XQNM10501T
058R9N00150Q 082O4N07174Y
058R9N00149Q 042SAM01336L
058R9N00148Q 282RMN09541Q
058R9N00147Q 082O4N07179Y
058R9N00146Q 12XQNM10500T
058R9N00145Q 039R6M15081Q
058R9N00144Q 183QMM09696T
058R9N00143Q 23XRJM07172Q
058R9N00142Q 23XRJM07171Q
058R9N00141Q 23XRJM07174Q
058R9N00200Q 082O4N07176Y
058R9N00199Q 039R6N14829Q
058R9N00198Q 039R7M15502Q
058R9N00197Q 039R7M15501Q
058R9N00196Q 039R7M15500Q

*Note that the first 5 digits are all the same. There is slight variation in the other code values.