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ASTM Corrosion Cells

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ASTM D6208-07 Flat Plate Corrosion Cell     $2000

  1. O-ring cell with Delrin top
  2. Delrin cell-to-coupon clamp with ohmic connections (including a banana jack connector and copper sheet)
  3. Carbon rod counter electrode
  4. Ag/AgCl reference electrode and Luggin capillary tube


Flat plate cell photo 2 Flat plate cell photo 4 Luggin capillary
ASTM D6208-07
Side View
ASTM D6208-07
Top View
Luggin Capillary Tube


ASTM D1384 Immersion Corrosion Cell     $2200

  1. 12-C porosity aerator tube
  2. Spiral reflux condenser (400mm, 24/40 joints, 3/8” hose connections)
  3. Thermometer
  4. Rotometer
  5. Glass rod to hold samples
  6. Flat bottomed glass cell with glass top, including ports for aerator tube, condenser, thermometer, sample rod
  7. Top-to-cell metal clamp
  8. Condenser port Teflon sleeve
  9. Hosing and clamps for condenser


Immersion Cell with inserts Electrochemical cell top See Figure 1.19
Jones, D., Principles and Prevention of Corrosion 2nd ed.; Prentice Hall New Jersey, 1996 p27.
ASTM D1384
Side View
ASTM D1384 Top


Cell clampCell Clamp Reflux condenserReflux CondenserAerator tubeAerator TubeGlass rodSample Mounting Rod


Dual Immersion Corrosion Cell     $1500

  1. 8 carbon counter electrodes
  2. 2 Ag/AgCl reference electrodes and Luggin capillary tubes
  3. 3″ magnetic stir bar
  4. 2 individual sample rods
  5. Flat bottomed glass cell with Delrin top, which accommodates the counter electrodes, capillary tubes, sample rods, and a gas purge line.
Electrochemical cell 2 Electrochemical cell top 2 Luggin capillary
Dual Immersion Corrosion Cell
Side View
Dual Immersion Corrosion Cell
Top View
Luggin Capillary Tube
Corrosion electrode
Electrode MountsFor use with flat plate and cylinder samplesView manual


Custom-made Corrosion Cells