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NI Chassis Instrument Integration

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MC Module NI block diagram

Multichannel EZstat Pro, Duostat, Powerstat-05, Powerstat-20 and EVc hybrid battery reconditioners.

NuVant instruments integrated into a National Instruments PXI chassis controlled by a one computer.


PXI Chassis

  • 14-slot PXI-1044 chassis provides automatic trigger routing between bridge modules on the PXI backplane.
  • 10 MHz reference clock for synchronization.
  • Import/export system reference clocks via two rear panel BNC I/O connectors.
  • Multiple channels of NuVant instruments controlled by a high-bandwidth Express link in the PXI chassis slot 1.



PXI Chassis System Schematic

  • NI PXI-1044 14 Slot 3U Chassis with controller.
  • Populated with PXI-6221 cards for control the EZstat Pro, Powerstat and Duostat potentiostat/galvanostats.
  • 13 PXI-cards accommodated by the PXI chassis.


Chassis Price: $5100


Channel selection

Price/channel: Call for pricing

On-line installation and training available.



  • Fuel cells and batteries
  • Electroplating
  • Biomedical devices
  • Sensors
  • Electrosynthesis
  • Corrosion


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