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NuVant Systems takes on nanogrids and space flight effort

Two recent articles by Northeastern University and El Nuevo Dia (Puerto Rico’s highest circulation newspaper) detail NuVant Systems current efforts in creating nanogrid systems in Puerto Rico and developing autonomous potentiostats for research aboard the International Space Station.

The Northeastern University article describes how NuVant Systems and Northeastern University are working to build “nanogrid” systems which can provide power to homes during power blackouts. These systems will utilize solar panels and re-purposed NiMH batteries, originating from discarded hybrid vehicle batteries. After being reconditioned, the batteries, while no longer powerful enough for a car, can be combined with one another to provide enough energy to run a home.

The El Nuevo Dia article details how NuVant Systems is building a autonomous potentiostat for use on a University of Puerto Rico research project aboard the International Space Station. The project aims to create water and energy from the waste that astronauts produce while on missions.