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Powerlab Fuel Cell Test Stations

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Powerlabs are customized, open framework fuel cell test stands controlled by any NuVant potentiostat / galvanostat. We recommend the Powerstat 05 which has EIS from 0.01 to 10 kHz.  The integrated system is controlled by EZware,  LabVIEW based software that comes with NI virtual instrument libraries to enable end-user code writing if desired. EZware controls selection of reactant streams, temperature, humidifier temperatures and flow rates. Tescom regulators provide for manual control of back pressure from 0-30 psig (one each for anode and cathode). DC power boosters are included to enable operation of load units as high-current potentiostats even at sub-volt potentials.  A laptop computer loaded with software is also available with a USB to GPIB convertor for easy connection to the computer.

The Powerlabs are custom designed to your exact needs.  The open framework concept provides for any sort of imaginable upgrade.  You  can control a Powerlab systems with a 1, 5 or 20 amp NuVant potentiostat / galvanostat.

Runs with the EZware-2013 software, which includes Step Impedance Spectroscopy, designed specifically for fuel cells and batteries, and the more standard electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.  We routinely deliver complete customized systems for under $30K.  We can provide for gas or liquid feed systems.  Single cell fuel cells available.

Another option is our very low cost Fuel cell manifold!


Powerlab includes:

  • NuVant potentiostat/ galvanostats (Best is Powerstat 05 with EIS from 0.01 – 10 kHz!)

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All components are integrated with a customized 80/20® or Unistrut frame.