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Simplicity of the EVc-30 hybrid battery reconditioning equipment versus others

Why choose the EVc-30?

One connection.

One start button.

No attendance required.

The EVc-30 differs from other tools as follows:

  1. The EVc-30 is designed for simplicity-of-use. No attendance required during reconditioning.
  2. The battery pack modules (e.g., 28 in a Prius) connect to the EVc-30 unit in only one way for charge and discharge. No re-connecting required between steps.
  3. Just connect the battery pack to the EVc-30 and then press the start button. Less than 90 minutes of labor required to yield one reconditioned pack per day.
  4. The EVc-30 provides a state-of-health report on each module including:
    a) Amp hour capacity; Watt hour capacity; Internal resistance
    b) The order in which reconditioned modules are positioned in a refurbished pack.
  5. Module are separately charged and discharged (parallel processing): Modules cannot be refurbished in series (as they are during vehicle use) because module voltages cannot be controlled when in series.
  6. Lithium ion battery recipes will be provided in early 2019.
  7. EVc-30 owners can join the hybrid battery support forum. Regular updates and problem-solving sessions are provided for EVc-30 owners only.

For more EVc information, click to visit the product page.