HEV / EV Battery Equipment

EV Cell Balancer

Li ion 18650 battery rebalancing equipment coming soon!

It is not established that EV lithium-ion batteries require reconditioning as do nickel metal hydride batteries. However, it is established that lithium-ion battery packs degrade with time, as do all batteries.

HEV & EV Power Tester

The EVd-40 Power Tester is a pre- and post-reconditioning tool for quality control of aftermarket HEV & EV battery production. The equipment integrates a “smart” charger (Sorensen XG 1700 or Kepco KLN 1500W) with NuVant Systems high power discharge electronics. The "power test" discharges battery packs at high power (10,000 watts), while tracking module voltages. The software monitors up to 40 module voltages at a time, identifying any weak modules. The "smart" charger performs charging constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and complex mixed mode constant current – constant voltage (CCCV) charging protocols at voltages up to 600 V. This enables recharge of any type of rechargeable battery. 

HEV Battery Reconditioner

Battery reconditioning and cell balancing is a well understood process for NiMH batteries. The procedure was initially developed for NiCad batteries decades ago. NuVant Systems has simplified the process to bring electrochemistry to the streets. The EVc unit is a push-one-button-after-wire-up system for small shops to large vehicle operators.

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