HEV / EV Battery Equipment

Our line of HEV / EV Battery Equipment combines sophisticated electronics, advanced technology, and user-friendly operation. The EVc Battery Reconditioner processes all types of nickel metal hydride HEV batteries. Worldwide, the EVc has proven to be a neccesary workhorse for any hybrid auto shop or garage. The EVd Power Tester monitors individual module voltages during high power battery discharge. The EVd also features a "smart" charger that performs complex CCCV charging. We are currently developing technology to process and rebalance the Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles.  

Remanufactured Batteries

We offer remanufactured hybrid batteries for a wide variety of hybrid battery vehicles. The batteries use newly reconditioned modules and fully assembled, ready for direct installation/replacement. We also offer "conversion kits" to replace failed modules in a battery. Conversion kits require opening battery enclosure and some assembly. 

Electrochemistry Research Equipment

Our electrochemical equipment will help your group achieve laboratory and research goals. The best-selling EZstat Pro potentiostat/galvanostat can run cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), battery tests, and high speed galvanostatic intermittent titration technique (GITT). The Powerstat comes in two configurations (5 amp vs 20 amp). The Arraystat and ArrayPGstat feature multichannel operation with different customizable options (current range, number of channels, etc.). Our operando cells, designed to interface with certain IR and Raman spectrometers, enable study of electrode surfaces during normal operation. These custom - designed tools can help your research lab understand how materials behave under operation.

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