Raman Fuel Cell

The Operando Raman Fuel Cell enables researchers to collect spectra of fuel cell membrane layers during operation. Operando spectroscopy is an analytical method for understanding catalytic materials and mechanisms. The cell dimensions provide versatility and ease of use in a confocal Raman microscope. The cell features a pin-style upper flow field to optimize flow distribution around a quartz Raman window.

Testing Equipment

H: ⁵⁸/₆₄’’ L: 4 ³³/₆₄” W: 2″
Temperature range
25 to 90°C
Electrode area
5 cm2
Flowfield connectors
¹/₁₆“ male NPT to ¹/₁₆” female Swagelok

Replacement parts are available. The EZstat potentiostat is not included. NuVant can provide cables for alternate potentiostats.

Specification sheet coming soon!

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