ArrayPGstat - 25 channel potentiostat / galvanostat

  • Up to eight 5-channel boards with up to 4 waveform signal sources.
  • Selected channels are parallel or sequentially characterized.
  • Electrodes are evaluated individually, row-by-row or simultaneously with
    selected sequence of excitation signals.

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NEW! Battery charge-discharge wait-and-hold feature.

NuVant Systems: ArrayPGstat: 25 channel potentiostat / galvanostat

For any selected cutoff voltage or current, early finishers are held at open circuit until all cells complete the charge or discharge period. All cells are switched at identical state-of-charge.

  • Multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat
  • Compliance voltage ±15 V
  • Voltage control ±10 V
  • Waveform signal sources (4 maximum)
  • ±100mA/channel (40 channels maximum)
  • 8 kHz bandwidth
  • Maximum scan rate 100 V/sec
  • Battery charge-discharge cycling: Time and/or voltage switching parameters.

ArrayPGstat Chassis: $8,000
5-Channel board (8 maximum): $4,000
Waveform signal source (up to 4):  $3,000

Example configurations:

Array PGstat 20 Ch
(4 x 5-channel boards); 2 waveform signal sources $30,000

Array PGstat 30 Ch
(6 x 5-channel boards); 3 waveform signal sources $41,000

Array PGstat 40 Ch
(8 x 5-channel boards); 4 waveform signal sources $52,000

Customized current ranges available!

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