Solid Electrode Cell

The spectroelectrochemical cell enables acquisition of infrared and Raman spectra of working electrode discs (variable sizes, up to 10 mm OD) under flowing solution. Working electrodes available include: Pt, Au, Ag, Cu, glassy carbon, etc. The cell uses a Pt-wire counter electrode and a Ag/AgCl reference electrode. For use with the EZpump peristaltic pump. Adapts to the Harrick Praying MantisTM Diffuse Reflection Accessory.

Testing Equipment

1.6’’; Length: 3”; Width: 2“
Electrode area
variable, up to 0.80 cm2
Window type
CaF2 for IR, quartz for Raman
Tubing fitting
1/16″ barbed, polypropylene
Tubing type
1/16″ ID, chemical-resistant PVC

The EZstat potentiostat is not included. NuVant can also prepare cables for alternate potentiostats.

Operando solid electrode cell (exploded view)

Operando solid electrode cell (exploded view)

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