EZstat Pro

Potentiostat Galvonostat

The EZstat Pro potentiostat/galvanostat uses a versatile menu-driven waveform generator (periodic or aperiodic) with preset battery cycling, Tafel plots, and cyclic voltammetry procedures. Users can program sequences of steps blending current and potential control with a resolution of 8 uS/point. EZstat Pro can perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and uses active IR compensation. The instrument can interface with the EZpump peristaltic pump for flow batteries and fuel cells.

Testing Equipment

General Cell Control
Compliance Voltage
Max Output Current
Rise Time
45us for 1 Ohm load (0%-100% signal)
10kHz (-3dB, 1 Ohm Load)
Input Impedance
250 GOhm parallel to 8pF
Max Update Rate
IR Compensation
Manual, 1A range
Potentiostat Mode Control
Applied DC Potential Ranges
Applied Potential Resolution
Applied Potential Accuracy
<0.04% FSR
Slew Rate
0.2 V/us
MAX scan rate
500 V/s
Input Bias Current
2 pA
Potentiostat Mode Current Measurement
Current Ranges
4(±1uA, ±100uA, ±10mA, ±1A)
Potentiostat Min to Max
20nA to 1A
Best Current Resolution
30uA at ±1A
.37uA at ±10mA
3.7nA at ±100uA
37pA at ±1uA
Best Current Accuracy
0.3 - 0.03% of FSR Depending on Range
Galvanostat Mode Control
Applied DC Current Ranges
4(±1uA, ±100uA, ±10mA, ±1A)
Best Applied Current Resolution
37pA, 0.003% FSR
Applied Current Accuracy
0.3 - 0.03% of FSR Depending on Range
Galvanostat Mode Potential Measurement
Potential Ranges
Best Potential Resolution
0.03% FSR
EIS Measurement
Frequency Range
10mHz - 10kHz
IR Compensation
Active IR compensation and/or Current interrupt
Min Interrupt time:
Max Interrupt time:
Data Acquisition
Acquisition Speed
250k samples/s (Aggregate)
125k samples/s/ch. (min 2 channels)
DAC Resolution
16 bits
EZstat Pro dimensions (less external power supply)
10 in./ 25.5 cm
9.625 in./ 24.5 cm
4 in./ 10.2 cm
6.25 lbs / 2.8 kg
EZstat Pro power supply
4.13 in. wide / 10.5 cm
9 in. deep / 22.86 cm
2.36 high / 6 cm
4.5 lbs / 2.04 kg

EZstat-Pro specifications:

  • 250 kS/s aggregate (125 kS/s per channel).
  • 5-lead cable (3 electrodes, sense & ground)
  • EZware software controls auxiliary digital and analog I/O, thermocouple inputs, frequency counter and digital synchronization.
  • External differential electrometer
  • Active IR compensation
  • Battery charge discharge procedures
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) 0.01 to 10 kHz
  • High speed galvanostatic intermittant titration (GITT)
  • Corrosion package
  • Control voltage ±10 V versus reference electrode.
  • Current ranges: ±1 A, 10 mA, 100 µA, 1 µA
  • 40 pA resolution
  • 500 V/s scan rate
  • Compliance voltage ±25 V

EZstat Pro Specification Sheet

EIS Application Note

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