IR Fuel Cell

Operando Infrared Fuel Cell

Operando spectroscopy is an analytical method for understanding catalytic materials and mechanisms.The Operando Infrared (IR) fuel cell enables researchers to collect IR spectra of fuel cell membrane layers during operation. This allows researchers to determine precisely what is occuring at the catalytic layer in real-time (unlike other types of analytical methods). Our  cell is designed to fit into a Pike DiffusIR™ accessory, but can be custom tailored to your IR spectrometer set-up.


Testing Equipment

Specifications: OpIRSC
Overall dimensions
7.48” x 2.00” x 1.52”
Operating temperatures
25°C – 80°C
Specifications: OpIRSC-C
Overall dimensions
: 7.48” x 2.00” x 1.52
Operating temperatures
25°C – 80°C

The cell interfaces with a Pike DiffusIR™ diffuse reflection accessory: a slot on the underside of the cell ensures precise positioning of the cell. The cell features a pin-style upper flow field to optimize flow distribution around a CaF2 window. Additional charge is required for adaptation to other diffuse reflectance devices.

Specification sheet coming soon!

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