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Hybrid vehicle battery Power Test equipment

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EVd-40 Power Tester

The EVd-40 Power Test is a pre- and post-reconditioning tool for quality control of aftermarket electric vehicle battery production. The EVd-40 integrates a “smart” charger (Sorensen XG 1700 power supply) with NuVant Systems high power discharge electronics. The Sorensen performs constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and complex mixed mode constant current – constant voltage (CCCV) charging protocols at voltages up to 600 V. This enables recharge of any type of rechargeable battery. The EVd-40 can discharge batteries at high power (10,000 watts). A Prius battery subjected to this discharge power will exceed initial currents of 40 amps. The EVd-40 is equipped with 40 sensors for measurement of individual module voltages during Power Test discharges. The Power Test tool uses a high voltage harness (sold separately) for monitoring up to 40 Toyota prismatic modules during the high power discharge. Custom harnesses for individual module monitoring of other batteries can be prepared upon request. Individual module voltage monitoring during high power discharge identifies weak modules that are not identified during lower power battery reconditioning processes.

Pre-reconditioning screening:
In-coming cores can be connected to the EVd-40 and charged to pre-set voltages. A core is then subjected to high power discharge to identify weak modules prior to subjecting the pack to EVc-30 reconditioning.

The system includes:

  • software configured laptop computer (USB connection to EVd unit)
  • software upgrades

Note: Because the number of modules (and order of modules) vary per vehicle battery pack, the EVd battery harnesses are not interchangeable. EVd buyers must purchase battery harnesses for their specific battery pack.

Call for Pricing:

EVd-40 Power Tester – (harness not included)

Universal Harness (up to 40 channels)

Screenshot of EVd-data: Two faulty modules (purple and green)

EVd Specifications:

Max Discharge Power 10,000 watts
Number of voltage sensors up to 40
Max Charge Power 1690 watts
Max Charge Voltage 600 V
Max Charge Current 2.8 A
CC-CV Indicator CV: TTL High (4-5 V)
CC: TTL Low (0-0.6 V)
Additional specs Can be found here
Data Acquisition
ProcessorCortex-M4F (120Mhz)
Min Sampling Interval200 ms (40 modules)
DAC Resolution13-bit

Full EVd-40 spec sheet will be available soon

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