EV Cell Balancer

Li ion 18650 battery rebalancing equipment coming soon!

It is not established that EV lithium-ion batteries require reconditioning as do nickel metal hydride batteries. However, it is established that lithium-ion battery packs degrade with time, as do all batteries.

Testing Equipment


The EVLi-30 will process 30 lithium iron phosphate cells. It will eliminate bad cells, and provide state health parameters for assembly balanced Li cell assemblies. The parameters provided are:
• Internal resistance
• Amp-hour capacity
• Watt-hour capacity
• Nominal cell voltages

Data processing worksheets will assist with selection of 18650 cells for balanced assemblies.

Warning: This is equipment must be considered prototypical. It is for early adopters. Cycling parameters for lithium ion batteries depend on the electrode chemistry of the battery. There is no “one method serves all” recipe for lithium ion batteries.
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