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NuVant Systems is developing the LVc-40 battery diagnostic equipment for electric vehicle batteries. By combining our battery expertise with precision testing and electronics, we are building a dependable, high-quality product for the next-generation of electric vehicles. Currently, the LVc-40 is currently in development and expected to launch in 2024.  Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary system!

Testing Equipment

In development

The LVc-40 (Lithium) has 40 channels and offers 3 to 10 V operational voltage range, allowing a battery pack to be processed with only 90 minutes of labor. 

Here is the process:

  1. Charge/discharge Li-ion modules and cells
  2. Obtain cell descriptors (SOH parameters)
  3. Rebuild "balanced" pack

This is equipment must be considered prototypical and is for early adopters. Cycling parameters for lithium-ion batteries depend on the electrode chemistry of the battery. There is no “one method serves all” recipe for lithium-ion batteries. Please contact us for more information.

LVc-40 (Lithium) Battery Types:

  • Tesla
  • ETruck
  • Nissan Leaf (Gen 1 & 2)
  • Other EV batteries (LFP, NMC, etc.)
  • *More to come in 2023

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