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NuVant Systems is developing the LVc-30 battery diagnostic equipment for electric vehicle batteries. By combining our battery expertise with precision testing and electronics, we are building a dependable, high-quality product for the next-generation of electric vehicles. Stay tuned for updates on this revolutionary system!

Currently, the LVc-30 has been beta prototyped and is undergoing field testing. It will be available for pre-order purchase in mid-2023 with shipments in late 2023. 

Testing Equipment

In development

Like the EVc-30 (NiMH), the LVc-30 (Lithium) has 30 channels and offers 3 to 10 V operational voltage range, allowing a battery pack to be processed with only 90 minutes of labor. 

Here is the process:

  1. Charge/discharge Li-ion modules and cells
  2. Obtain cell descriptors (SOH parameters)
  3. Rebuild "balanced" pack

Warning: This is equipment must be considered prototypical. It is for early adopters. Cycling parameters for lithium ion batteries depend on the electrode chemistry of the battery. There is no “one method serves all” recipe for lithium ion batteries.
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LVc-30 (Lithium) Battery Types:

  • Tesla
  • ETruck
  • Nissan Leaf (Gen 1 & 2)
  • Other EV batteries (LFP, NMC, etc.)
  • *More to come in 2023

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