HEV Battery Reconditioner

Battery reconditioning and cell balancing is a well understood process for NiMH batteries. The procedure was initially developed for NiCad batteries decades ago. NuVant Systems has simplified the process to bring electrochemistry to the streets. The EVc unit is a push-one-button-after-wire-up system for small shops to large vehicle operators.

Testing Equipment

Max Load Voltage
10 V/channel (Customized up to 20V)
Max Load Current
5A per channel
Number of channels
10, 30 or 40 channel systems
Applied Current Accuracy
0.5% of the Applied Current
Applied Current Resolution
.3 mA
Potential Measurement
Measured DC Potential Ranges
10 V/channel (Customized up to 20V)
0.08 or 0.03% of FSR
Current Interrupt Resistance
Data Acquisition Speed
12.5 kS/s
Serial Resistance Precision
0.5 %
Measurement logging time
1 second

The turnkey system includes:

  • Software configured laptop computer (USB connection to the EVc unit)

  • 30 custom battery cables

  • Battery pack cooling box

  • Compatible cooling fan

  • QR code reader

  • Adjustable torque drill (for connecting cables)



Video: How to use the HEV Battery Reconditioner

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